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Your beliefs play a pivotal role in what you want and how likely you are to achieve it.
Increase your chances of success with a partner designed to help you keep your commitments on track.
Learn the models and systems that have already been tested and proven to be effective.
Building a strong foundation by getting back to the basics and filling in the blanks.
Skills + Effort = Achievement


I’m Chanel Rene, your new business BFF.
I've had the pleasure of working with dozens of business professionals who, like you, no longer want to waste time and money on ideas that don’t work.

My philosophy for achieving success for my clients is simple – if you believe you deserve more, and you're willing to do the work, I will help you get it.

My mission is helping entrepreneurs be their very best while creating extraordinary results in their life and business.

I specialize in Real Estate, Fitness, Fashion, Beauty and Culinary professionals. However, the tools I teach can apply to just about any industry.

It's time to stop spinning your wheels and leverage me to help you be productive and PROFITABLE!


WHAT IS business development COACHING?

Coaching with me can help you take a step back and refocus. I can help you set meaningful goals and feel confident about achieving them.

My customized, 1-on-1 coaching programs will give you support to:

  • Clarify what you want, why you want it and how you can get it.

  • Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

  • Strategies and techniques to help you to reach your goals faster.

  • Overcome obstacles, low confidence and insecurities.

  • Explore and define your value,

  • Evaluate your options – including ones you’ve not thought of yet!

  • Dedicated time, support, encouragement and motivation.

What is a Business Development Coach?

A productivity coach shows you how to work smart and get more done. The guidance you get breaks you free from time-sucking habits like procrastination and multi-tasking. Your productivity coach moves you from overwhelmed to organized. From "entrepreneurial to purposeful". With the right support you reduce interruptions and manage your time better.


What does a Business Development Coach do?

Your productivity coach looks at your work patterns and helps you set up new systems for success and satisfaction. To begin a productivity coach will talk with you and find out the problem areas. Then your coach starts to loosen the knots in your workflow. Your coach will give you proven methods and priceless tips that will keep you on task.

Do I need a Business Development Coach?

If you're missing deadlines and frustrated, then a productivity coach will give you the skills to balance your life and get ahead. When you're confronted by too many things to do, it's easy to procrastinate. But your productivity coach helps you solve this issue and supports you as you adopt new ways to get things done. The benefits of improving yourself are many. Your stress will do down and you'll enjoy accomplishing goals again.


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