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1-on-1 Real Estate Training - Fastrack Program

If you're a newly licensed agent and you feel like you're not getting enough training from your brokerage, my Fastrack program is for you! With this program, we eliminate the 'fluff' and get down to the tried & true basics. This is a 5 day program, 2 hours a day. You will receive a workbook, checklists, guidebook, and several other lists/tools you may need to get you started on the right track.

If you're not local to Columbia, TN and can't meet in-person for sessions, Virtual Training programs are available. Schedule your free Discovery Session and we'll come up with a plan that works for you!

Lead Generation 101

How to attract, convert and close buyers and sellers - using scripts, objection handling techniques and the language of sales.

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Door Knocking

How to master face-to-face interaction which results in 13 times the brand recall compared to print marketing.

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Geographic Farming

You will learn how to identify your farm area using hard data, marketing to your farm and follow-up with your leads. Basically: how to nurture the soil, plant the seeds and harvest the crop.

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Database Management

How to organize, grow and nurture your database. Including drip campaigns and list segmentation techniques.

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MLS 101

Learn how to properly set up the features provided in your local MLS and manage client information. Including setting up auto emails for clients to receive new listings that match their criteria and setting up “Saved Searches”.

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